A Hollywood-based film group dedicated to providing clients with the necessary tools to turn their creative visions into reality. With extensive experience in the industry and a highly skilled team, Cherry Productions has the resources and the know-how to create high quality productions that will be viewed by a large, diverse audience. They are dedicated to ensuring that every step of the production process is flawless.

We've got you covered

In addition to the experienced filmmakers who work at Cherry Productions, the company enlists the expertise of a large network of technical assistants, choreographers, dancers, caterers, creative developers and more to ensure that each film is completed to the highest standards of the industry and in a timely manner. With a style that is artistic, unique and eye- catching, Cherry Productions promises quality and professionalism in all of their projects.


Cherry Productions also offers videography and editing services for a variety of projects, including special events, live entertainment, music videos, promotional videos and documentaries. They use only the most professional equipment and techniques to ensure that every final product is flawless. All productions are shot from multiple camera angles, using s.1080p High Definition Cameras.